Our customers love that they can come in and source high quality materials cut to order, AND get some great advice on how best to approach their project from real tradespeople.

Welding Supplies

Oxy Acetylene
Welding Consumables
Mig & Tig Welders
Torches and Fittings
Safety Wear and Equipment

Made to order!

No need to buy more than you need, Hohns are Katherine’s only Steel supplier that can cut and fabricate to your specification:

Katherines premier supplier of 450 grade (construction grade) Steel
Fences and Fencing Products in a variety of colors and finishes
UES Watertanks for Automotive and Marine
Hydraulic Pumps and Hoses

OneSteel Steel Supplies

Hohns are Katherines OneSteel distributor. We stock most of their range locally in most colors and finishes. OneSteel offers significant structural integrity over cheaper imported products and gives our customers the backing of one of Australia’s largest Steel Manufacturers and Suppliers. See our full range at

Bluescope Lysaght

Lysaght is a rollforming specialist manufacturing the LYSAGHT® range of quality building products like steel roofing and wall cladding, guttering and fascia, steel fencing, purlins and structural formwork from Australian made materials such as COLORBOND® steel, ZINCALUME® steel, TRUECORE® steel and GALVASPAN® steel. We stock pretty much all of their color range! A full product catalogue is available at


Our customers love the fact that they can pick up the worlds leading brand of self-drilling screws and fasteners at the same place they source thier cut to order building supplies. We stock the full range of Buildex products which you can view now on their website.

Abrasives that last

There’s nothing worse than Abrasives and Cutting Disc’s that don’t last. Thats why we use and recommend PFERD who manufacture quality abrasive products from cutting to grinding, milling, filing, brushing, polishing, burrs and much more. 

Welding Gases

Not a day doesn’t go by when we dont use Air Liquide high performance welding gases. We are Katherines distributor for Air Liquide Welding Gases so drop in and pick up a tank for your next project.